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I almost took out the camera to get a picture of the public library in De Funiak Springs.  I came up the other fork from Niceville, and as I drove through the town I saw a sign pointing to the left that said "historic district".  I turned that way, and after several blocks, came to a pretty little lake, where a small, white, clapboard building stood, with a modest sign out front saying, "Public Library, established 1886."   Turns out to be the oldest continuously operating public library in Florida.  Warms my heart.

The drive was pretty easy.  The thunderstorms that I thought I would have to negotiate did not materialize, although I ran into a few scattered spots of rain.  I dawdled and detoured enough that it took me five hours to finally get home, but I didn't mind.  Even after a decade I am astonished at how beautiful the south can be in the spring.  Despite the rampant development that is tearing up so much of the best (Destin was particularly wretched), there are still vast areas  that are pretty much untouched and gorgeous.   


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