Pork Dinner
A Street Full of Flags


She seems to know us now.   I looked down from the loft, calling her name.    She looked to the0028 left and right, her eyes wide.  "Where is he?" said Lynn, holding her.  "Where is that no-name guy?"  She looked up finally and saw me and laughed.    When I came back down and appeared in front of her she gurgled and cooed.  "What a fine game," said Lynn.

She squalls and fusses.  Maybe it's the sweet potato that she's eaten for the first time that has her tummy a little upset?  Lynn is sitting with her out on the deck and can't get her to settle.  I hear Josie's wail from the living room, so I go out and gather her up.  I hold her close in the crook of my arm and talk to her softly, ceaselessly.  "Let's walk around the house little Josie oh isn't that interesting how that fan turns oh yes little Yosefina I see how you like that now we'll walk into the other room over here oh see how the light changes little Josephine you like that now don't you yes you like that rumble rumble of my voice don't you you little critter no you don't understand a thing I'm saying do you but you love that rumble rumble..." 

Despite herself, the eyelids gradually grow heavy and then, all of a sudden, she's asleep.   I am inordinately pleased that I can comfort and soothe her so well.  I pray that it may always be so.


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