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September 08, 2005



I hope you don't stop blogging, Scott. T. Scott is the anthithesis of the most disheartening aspects of the blogosphere.

Perhaps the blogosphere is differentiating into the high-brow press--like T. Scott and, dare I say it, Marcus' World--and the tabloid press, which is most everything else.

We've seen a similar split in the print world for many years. Online these extremes are even more obvious because people don't feel bound by any sense of decency or decorum.

In times of doubt, turn to the Osmonds. As they said, with less than stellar grammar: One bad apple--or even whole truckloads of bad apples--don't spoil the whole darn bunch.



I completely agree that the chatter is disheartening, and there's no feel-good response to it, I'm afraid.

What heartens me is that the blogosphere is no different than any other media; there are the dregs among TV channels, magazines, newspapers, and radio. I suppose there's a lot more swearing online, but the idea of shallow, one-sided, idiotic blather is nothing new.

And, just like the other media, there is a lot of thoughtful commentary happening online. Many people choose NPR over AM talk out of personal preference, and your blog is in my list of feeds for the same reason.

Mark D

I have doubted blogging and its value to society. At first, I thought it a waste of time and electricity. Then again, the study of history is my hobby. It dawned on me, one day, reading your blog that blogging is not new. I realized that once again I had been hoodwinked by the techno-nerds oversimplification and overstatement.

Blogging is just a modern version of an ancient art. The Emperor Claudius used to write "histories," which he would then post in the forum. Cato and Cicero were famous for their "defenses" of clients in the rostra. Franklin and Jefferson used pamphlets. No, bloggin is as old as humanity. And like humanity it can rise to greatness or sink to the depths.

Blog on my dear friend. I agree with Whitney, you are the NPR of the blogosphere. That goes for the commentary as well. Scott, you have created a small modern version of the forum.

T Scott

Now you're all making me blush! Thanks. It is good to be reminded that all of the various media provide plenty of outlets for us to show ourselves at our worst. What is it Theodore Sturgeon said when someone criticized the quality of much science fiction? "Ninety percent of everything is crap." And as with movies, music, tv, print, it can be very worthwhile to seek out the good stuff.


Thank you for saying so much of what needed to be said. If I had read this posting first, I wouldn't have needed to post all that blather you see under "Echoes and Incompetence". Sorry!

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