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November 23, 2005


Mark D

Who was it that described politics as; "the art of the possible?.

I take your point, and agree with it. But I think I fall more into the LBJ camp then you (and I think I am a pretty honest guy). Politics is about perception. In democracies it is dangerous to look at things as right and wrong or true and false. We all have perceptions of truth (including the two of us my friend). But just because we perceive something to be true does not mean that it undeniably is true.

I come from Massachusetts, we like politicians that see truth through a liberal lense. But we also like doers, the Kennedy boys, Tip O'Neal, Henry Cabot Lodge, Bill Weld.... I don't like politicians who hold on to truth too tightly (Bush is a good example of that camp). What I dislike most about these new Republicans is their sense of absolute truth. I can't abide absolute right and wrong. I don't believe there is any such thing in politics. Black and white is only appropriate in old televisions.

As for the Bush administration. I am more then content to take "incompetent." In fact, I've had a line I have used these last few months with conservative friends. "If you mean to forment a revolution, at the very least, you have an obligation to be competent."

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