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January 10, 2006


Tapsearch Editor of Flatworld

Explore the lost worlds in the Flat World of Thomas Freidman fables with Ray Tapajna, editor and artist of Tapart News and Art that Talks from the Real World from the streets of USA.
Basically, Friedman ignores the main facts
1. Workers have no voice in the process of Globalization.
2. Free Trade is not trade as historically defined or practiced.
3. Current statistics do not match up with those in the past but Friedman uses the statistics as if they did.

Kare Anderson

I agree that Friedman is overly optimistic - and yet his book is/was groundbreaking in that it got many Americans to think about globlization.

Your blog is great reading and I am going to recommend it when I give the closing keynote at the Canadian Library Asn's annual convention.

As well, you might be interested in two other books: Illicit and Not for Sale
and Prelude to Terror and The Golden Road

http://sayitbetter.typepad.com/say_it_better/2007/02/the_golden_road.htmland Wolves Eat Dogs.

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