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November 01, 2006



I agree Scott, I enjoy the escape an airport provides. Even though I am a seasoned traveller I still enjoy the excitement of the airport. However, I think you have settled when it comes to security. Here in Australia, you don’t have to take off your boots, there is no need to unpack your computer, there are no long security lines. America can keep that aspect of air transport. I am much happier in our less regimented airports.

T Scott

Coming back from Frankfurt, Germany a month ago I was struck by the same thing -- the lines at the Frankfurt airport moved efficiently and easily and I have no doubt were, on a practical level, as secure as anything within the states. However, as I got closer to the gates for the flights on Delta to the US, there was a second ad hoc screening station that had been set up which did nothing more than the regular one did, except to make sure that no one was carrying on excessive amounts of hand lotion.


YES, Dewars! I remember a rather blurry but serious conversation between us outside the men's room at the Adam's Mark Dallas back in '02, discussing the topic of Scotch. Earlier this summer I went browsing through our local package store and a bottle of Dewar's, with its bold red letters and distintive parchment-like "White Label" caught my eye.
Its definitely become my drink of choice; and a very kind one the next morning.

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