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November 07, 2006



Scott, you are indeed in a very negative mood today. I, on the other hand, am much more upbeat (it does help to live in a foreign country). As you are well aware, it has always been my contention that the demands of empire are tearing the fabric of the republic apart. It doesn’t matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in power – the imperial demands are ever present – so in that context I agree with your gloomy assessment on the fate of the expanded powers of the presidency.

But, on the other hand, I am in a more vindictive mood then you. I will be delighted to see a humiliating Bush defeat – and I believe that is coming today. Watch the Pennsylvania 6th and 7th and the Ohio 15th if these districts fall today then a humiliating defeat is coming for George Bush. The Republic may not stand, but I will delight in the defeat of the architect of its destruction none-the-less.


Even if the Democrats gain control of the House and Senate, their margins will be so slim that any substantive legislation would meet a Bush veto. So yes, there will be no meaningful change.

With that said, legitimate Congressional hearings about the many ignominious acts of the Bush administration will be important in their own right. From a lapdog Congress to a rabid watchdog Congress--Both have their faults, but I'll take the latter.

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