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February 02, 2007



Just want to let you know i enjoy reading your blog.



Scott, my friend, I think you have hit upon the most important issue of our age. With all this technology; how do we become complete? You have spoken eloquently of the benefits the technology provides in previous entries and everything you have said is true. However, there is a down side. I think the technology fragments our lives (if we let it). It is impossible to feel complete when you are constantly connected, constantly interacting and responding to stimuli.

As you know, I am a bit of a history buff. When I read a biography of Jefferson or Franklin (for example) the thing thing that strikes me most about their time was the opportunities afforded them to separate themselves from society. Think about it, it took three months to cross the Atlantic. While crossing they were incommunicado for three glorious months. Then, when they did arrive on the other side of the world a two way conversation with America took six months. Just think of the luxury of having three months to respond and contemplate before answering a letter. The technology today forces us to make immediate decisions and respond with alacrity. Oh for the luxury of allowing time to solve problems all on its own. Oh for the time to sit and contemplate.

Do I feel complete? Yes I do. But damn I have to fight to make sure that the world around me does not pull me apart. You seem to achieve your completeness with your music and your travel. I use travel as well. That quite time on a 10 hour flight is shear joy for me. I live in fear of the day that they connect planes to the internet and to the phone network. The last bastion of solitude would then be breached. I’m going to have to spend all of my vacations in remote hideaways once planes become connected.

As for Lynn, any fool can see why you married her. You are indeed a lucky man to be married to her. After you, I think I am here biggest fan.

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