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August 21, 2007



It's moving week at UC Berkeley too; Penske trucks seem popular in these parts.

Helen and I ventured to Madison on several occasions when we lived near Chicago--her cousin Irene went to Wisconsin. We always made a point to dine at the Orpheum Theater!

T Scott

I think I might've eaten there on my last visit to Madison 3 1/2 years ago, but I'm not completely sure. Anyway, it was great food and a wonderful setting. Mom and I also had dinner at Lombardino's down University near the med center. Excellent traditional Italian food.

By the way, I've been enjoying reading your posts about getting to know Berkeley. Exploring a new city is a wonderful thing.

michael jones

You are so right! It's different everywhere! When you travel you can see so many new things. That's why i love traveling so much!:)

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