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October 10, 2007


Karen Albert

Scott - I agree with your point about the title of my JMLA paper. The paper was more of a survey of OA and by the time I had analyzed everything, I concluded that I wasn't sure what the implications for medical libraries were! I will be presenting more on specific ideas on implications (challenges and opportunities) at the upcoming MLA WebCast on this topic, and I am using a quote from one of your JMLA editorials. I'm really sorry to be missing your debate with Rick Anderson!

T Scott

I think Rick and I are going to have a very good time with it, and I hope we can stimulate some creative thinking as well.

And your article is still the best survey of OA that I've come across, and is the one that I always refer people to when they're trying to get a handle on how this has all transpired over the past few years.


Scott, I participated in a webcast debate with Rick some years ago. I agree with you without reservation, he is indeed a creative thinker, entertaining, and quick on his feet. Please send him my regards when you see him. I wish I could be there. It should be a fantastic debate.

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