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January 03, 2008



That's a great story. We leave the Santa gifts unwrapped too. I didn't do that growing up, but my wife thought of it and it is a great idea. Plus you don't have to worry about getting it together Christmas morning. The favorite present is ready to go right away :)

I think my Christmas mornings are more special now than when I was growing up. That's mostly due to my wife :)


Great story.
This year my oldest son Peter was very concerned that Santa wouldn't know he was in St. Louis instead of Cleveland. A kid at school told him that Santa would forget him because he wasn't at his home.

When Pete sat on Santa's lap he told him repeatedly that he would be at Grandma's house in St. Louis.

The look on his face Christmas morning was priceless. He kept saying, that he knew the kid at school was wrong and that Santa would find him.

Incidently, Santa's presents were all wrapped.

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