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January 11, 2008



For the first time in my life, I just don't care about the election. I haven't watched any debates and I still have not chosen a candidate. All the candidates leave me cold. Clinton for president, please haven't we had enough of that Ozark soap opera? And now we have yet another good ole boy from Arkansas to add to the mix. I like Obama, but I wonder if he is experienced enough. Hasn't Bush proven that on the job training for the President may not be the best off ideas? Then there is Rudy, who seems to have been so rattled by 9/11 that he has become unhinged. Let us not forget Edwards, as you say, he has focused on the disadvantaged - but does he have to do it in that slick trial lawyer fashion? He reminds me of the slick lawyer (played by Richard Geer) in the movie Chicago. "Razzle dazzle em." And what about McCain, admirable man - but do we really want to elect a man who will celebrate his 140th birthday the second week of his administration? The most important policy question for McCain (in my opinion) is; who is your running mate? Oh I almost forgot Romney - enough said there.

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