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May 09, 2008


Meredith Solomon


I am interested in the talk you will be giving in Scotland. There is a conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, that I would like to attend and present at entitled: Globalization and the Management of Information Resources located at http://slim.emporia.edu/globenet/Sofia2008/Index.htm

The themes of the conference are listed and I am hoping to put a medical spin on one or more of their themes.

Any advice you may have for me OR maybe you want to get involved, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hope to see you in Pigaco!!


Thank you for this post. The lesson about being "whole" is a good lesson. This is my first year really developing that and I am enjoying it.

T Scott

Meredith -- looks like a great conference! If my fall schedule wasn't already too busy, I'd consider going.

In looking at the themes, I think there's a few areas where you could put in a medical spin -- information literacy, certainly, but also digital libraries. And some of the issues being raised with the rise of personal health records could be addressed in the information policy or ethics themes....

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