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May 23, 2008



It seems I picked the right MLA to be my first one! I'm delighted I got to be there for what really seemed to be an amazingly energetic and exciting event.

I love the point about this technology being "where NOW is." Saying of something that "this is the future" sounds cool, but also makes it seem more distant and less immediately relevant.

I think you're right: this isn't the future, or something weird and distant that we'll get to eventually. This is now, and it may be plenty weird, but it's the world we're living in and we need to work with it and take advantage of the wild and interesting tools we have available.

Brandi Tuttle

No T. Scott, it was us that were honored! I was happy to have David R drag me over to you to be introduced, since I'd been raving about how inspirational I found certain people to be (note: that includes you).
You provided a wonderful wrap up to a wonderful evening.

We will march on...

(and yes, that was a great pic wasn't it?)

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