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Impact Factors For Library Literature

Notwithstanding all of the usual caveats about the misuse of impact factors, I'm pleased to see the numbers that have just been released for the Journal of the Medical Library Association.   It now stands at #14 out of the 56 journals included in this year's "Information Science & Library Science" category.   The thirteen journals that have higher impact factors tend to be more "information science," so it's not surprising to me that many of them would have higher IFs.  Of the more library oriented journals, Portal comes in next at #20, College & Research Libraries is #22, Library Quarterly is #32, and the Journal of Academic Librarianship is #33.

During the time that I was the editor, I viewed the scope of the JMLA as very broad, and we often published articles that would be relevant to the general library and information science community.  The numbers would indicate that this trend has continued under the current editorial team, and I hope that it will progress even further as Susan Starr transitions into her role as the new editor. 


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