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Campaigning in Alabama

It's going to be a long three months.  As I approached the ramp to the interstate this morning I was behind a big white pickup truck that had a very large sign plastered on the tailgate:

Obama promises to raise your taxes, limit our oil supply, and appoint liberal activist judges.  Vote John McCain

There's a bit of truth to the first charge, if it's me or somebody in my tax bracket who is reading the sign.  But it's not me that the sign is directed to -- most of the people in Alabama who read that sign would actually have their taxes cut under Obama's current plans.  I'm not sure where the charge about oil comes from and of course he certainly hasn't "promised to appoint liberal activist judges."  What I'm always curious about when I see things like this is whether or not the driver of the truck knows that these are lies or has been hoaxed into believing that they are true.  Or whether or not he cares.

And Dick Cheney is in town today for some kind of top secret fund raiser.

I hope there's a martini in my future.


David Rothman

John McCain promises to restrict your right to a martini!


I'm always afraid they really believe that stuff. I'd feel better if I thought they knew the truth and didn't care. Interestingly, some of my historically-Republican relatives seem to be so disgusted with Bush that they're leaning towards Obama. However, I worry about what they'll actually do when they're in the voting booth...

Have you read The Bridge by Iain Banks?

T Scott

Haven't gotten to "The Bridge" yet... I'm grateful that he's slowed down his production somewhat in the last couple of years. Might give me a chance to catch up.

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