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September 10, 2009


Dorothea Salo

Well-said, thank you. See also



Absolutely true Scott. I'd go further--not only should librarians make all of our traditional research OA, we should be in the vanguard of using tools like blogs and wikis as research distribution mechanisms. This is what I hope to argue in a paper eventually to appear with Eric Schnell and Charlie Greenberg in JMLA (unless we just scoop ourselves on blogs first.)

Nitpicky point: Shouldn't your last sentence read, "Our advocacy efforts would [most likely] be more persuasive if we were taking a more aggressive leadership role within our own field." This conclusion seems more justified by the data you presented in this post. :)

T Scott


Jason Griffey

I fully own up to the "manifest problems" in my paper that you pointed out to me at the time. Just wishing there was a softer way to put it than "manifest problems". :-)

Actually, I'm wishing that I had time to go back and re-do the silly thing.

In any case, thanks for highlighting Doug Way's paper...I look forward to reading it, with your caveats in mind.

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