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October 01, 2009



I've got a vague, unformed theory that it has to do with how much money people think they might be able to make off of the product - if they think it's a lot (health care), the government shouldn't be involved. If it's not much (bibliographic databases), they don't care.... Like I said - still vague and unformed...

And I constantly tell people about how we used to formulate strategies, look up MeSH terms in books (remember the "annotated"?), and actually write them down before we went online at an astounding 1200 baud and spent money by the minute!


oh boy, did you bring back memories for me! I remember going to our RML for MEDLINE training. My recollection is that it was for 2 or 3 weeks. The first bit of training was about how journal articles were indexed. No keyword searching at that time. Amazing how much things have changed. But, the thought processes I learned in that training have stuck with me all these years.

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