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May 18, 2010



I couldn't agree more. We all knew back in the day that nothing, not emails, not tweets, not blog posts, will remain private once posted. This coming from my Twitter account with my alias!


I agree. Some people just have different ideas of how things should be done (esp in the electronic world). This reminds me of a few professors that were enraged when their students emailed them "off-hours" (i.e. not M-F 8-5). We all have different expectations of connectedness, privacy, etc. Not sure how much can be chalked up to generational differences.

Leroy Brown's Hatbox

""That's just for my family and friends," she snapped."

Aren't those called letters?


I agree completely. I do thinl Facebook should have easier ways to make some things private, 170 options are too many. But if I was that massively concerned I wouldn't do it. I also operate on roughly the same rule of thumb as you do.

John Doyle

Hallelujah! Nice to see I'm not the only one with this view. Facebook has made tremendous efforts to provide access control to its users at a very granular level. Simplicity and granularity are not going to play nicely.

But more importantly, as you say, FB (like all Web 2.0 services) is for sharing information. If privacy is paramount, turn off that modem!


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