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Crossmark at #mlanet12

With all of the versions of articles that are now available through repositories and websites and publishers' sites and who knows where, how do you know the status of the version that you've come across?  How do you know who is keeping it up to date and making sure that corrections have been made or errata have been handled or that there's been a retraction? 

What is the version of record?

In the print world, we didn't have to worry about that.  Now it's a mess. 

CrossRef, the folks who manage DOIs, have come up with an elegant and brilliant solution.  It's been in the works for a couple of years and is now being launched. 

The CrossMark will be attached to the stewarded digital version.  When you see that mark in a google search, or however you come across it, you'll know that you've got the most up to date version, and you'll know its provenance. 

Carol Anne Meyer and some of her CrossRef crew will be at the MLA meeting in Seattle and they're having a little get together on Monday afternoon to talk about it.  They'll have micro-brews & cheese. 

CrossMark is important.  You should go.

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