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Happy Guy

It is not uncommon, when I'm talking with someone about my physical challenges, for them to comment on my "great attitude."  Or to note that with all of the drama and intensity surrounding issues at work, I generally maintain a calm and unruffled demeanor.

It's not complicated.  I have a wonderful life.  For example, during Christmas week 2012 (just after I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis) I took a long planned trip to New York City with Lynn, Marian and Josie.  JoBug was six weeks shy of her eighth birthday.  I booked a stretch limo to pick us up at the airport as a surprise -- we'd done the same thing for her Mom's first trip to NYC on the occasion of her 18th birthday.  A good Southern girl, Josie was desperate to see Christmas snow in New York.  Looking at the forecast, I assured her that there would be snow.  And indeed, as we settled into our tiny 34th story room above midtown Manhattan, looking through the early evening toward the Empire State Building, big flakes were floating down, lit up and shining from the green, red and golden lights of the city.

That evening, Josie borrowed my iPad to write me this note:

Okay nonai I really need you to save this because  you will miss out on a lot of  fun. So we need to talk this is the best trip I will ever take in my life
so far the three best things happened to me Number one Got to ride a limazen Number two Got some snow And Number Three got a great vu in the hotel You no that means you are the worlds best Grandfather Congratulations. I LOOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR GETING  READY FOR THIS TRIP and allays remeber that you are the best grandfather ever
and everyone in your family loves you.
How could I not be an incredibly happy guy?