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May 12, 2014



Congratulations Lynn!

Ginger Carden

Lynn, Congratulations! You have always been a wonderful light in the MLA world!


My dear friend, Lynn, we have traveled many roads together. I met you in Birmingham in 1987 when I went to work for EBSCO and you were a guest panelists at my first sales meeting. I was extremely impressed with you and was delighted when you went to work for EBSCO. We celebrated your 50th birthday in New Orleans with Scott and friends. I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I do; it is the promised land. Congratulations dear friend on 25 years with some wonderful people and a wonderful company. All the best always--stay in touch. Love, Wilba

Terry Burton

Congratulations, Lynn. It has always been a pleasure working with you in all the many ways we have connected.

Rajia Tobia

Congratulations, Lynn! You will be missed in our field but I somehow think you will stay connected. Best wishes on a happy and healthy retirement.

Rajia Tobia

Regina Lee

WOW! It has been quite a ride Miss Lynne. You have always been a delightful addition to any program, class, or social event. Speaking of class you have always had plenty of that. Fabulous and fun...keep it going. Congratulations! Have a roaring good time in retirement. Regina "Reggie Mae" Lee


A while back someone asked me when I first met Lynn. I couldn't honestly remember. I know that I didn't know her when I moved to Texas in late 1981 and then all of a sudden, I did know her! Lynn, it's hard to think of MLA, SCC, (or any chapter) or EBSCO without you. May your retirement be only as busy as you want it to be but somehow I don't think you will be sitting at home! Congratulations, Lynn! Susan Bader

Lynne Fox

Wow! Congratulations! What a terrific career. We are all so lucky to have this calling, but you really have made things better for all of us. Have a wonderful 'retirement' - I can't picture you in a rocking chair on the front porch, hence the ''!

Faith Meakin

Congratulations Lynn! I never knew you went to Grinnell- I went to Coe. So many places where our paths crossed during our exciting careers. Now you will have an equally interesting second chapter. Enjoy!

Barbara Shearer

Congratulations, Lynn! I remember with fondness our time together during the 1980's in AlHeLA! I recall well your presentation at the AlHeLA meeting in Gulf Shores. I was impressed with your enthusiasm and poise, both just two of your enduring qualities. Thank you for your many years of service which benefitted all of us.


James Pat Craig

Dear Lynn,
How can one describe the "eclat" that you brought to the medical library world! I can only say that I have treasured your friendship and that you certainly be missed--another wonderful friend retires. Have fun in your retirement--I certainly have. Don't overload yourself; relax and enjoy life. Best to Scott.
Pat Craig

Jeff Williams

Congratulations Lynn! You should be proud of your career and all you've accomplished. I'll miss seeing you at conferences.

Linda Walton

Congratulations Lynn! I have always admired your perspective on libraries, your great sense of humor and your interpersonal skills when some of us could get grumpy about EBSCO:)

Best wishes! Linda

Liz Lorbeer

Lynn- I bought you the best retirement card. I will give it to you at MLA. - Liz
p.s. I have always wanted your job. It's probably good I have this new gig now.

Tom Singarella

Thanks, Scott.

Lynn, your retirement from the medical library field is like trying to check out from the Hotel California. Nice try.

Seriously tho, EBSCO lost the greatest ambassador they'll ever have.

And you are one classy lady.

Looking forward to seeing you and Scott in Chicago.


Ruth Riley

Dearest Lynn - Many congratulations! What in the world will we do without your wonderful, witty, highly intelligent, gracious, and elegant presence in our profession? Thank you for your mentorship and support throughout the years. I'm hoping and assuming that you will continue to be part of our lives at Southern Chapter and MLA meetings. We need you! Warmly, Ruth

Tom Roper

May I add a small note of appreciation? If anyone ever doubted the versatility of people with a librarian's education, I would point them in the direction of Lynn


Wonderful post on an incredible career! Congrats Lynn!

Ginger Saha

Lynn and Scott,
Congratulations to you both as you transition to new chapters. I can report that life beyond Libraryland continues to be exciting and challenging, and that those skills honed over 40+ years are applied in ways one never imagined. It made me smile to read through the comments posted by [y]our colleagues -- that Happy Band!
Ginger Saha

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