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June 20, 2015


Jodi Upton

One step at a time. In the correct direction.


How ironic that just minutes ago, a nice neighbor from down the street forwarded to me the internet meme, "The Black Dilemma", falsely attributed as an editorial by the Baltimore Sun. She was congratulating the Sun for having the guts to publish it. My crap detector was screaming by the second paragraph, so I immediately went to verify at the Sun, which prominently denies having anything to do with it. Further research shows that it was originally published by American Renaissance, a right-wing publication founded by a leading white supremacist.

Dylann Roof allegedly said, "you rape our woman and are taking over the country. You have to go." The essay my neighbor forwarded to me is just another way of saying the same thing.

My neighbor is a generous, considerate woman "of a certain age". A well-bred southern white lady, bless her heart. The piece obviously spoke to her and reinforced her beliefs. She does not know me well, or she would never have included me on her distribution list. The most disturbing thing to me is that, even though she does not know me well, she just assumes everyone agrees with the "facts" the essay espouses. That everyone agrees with her racist views.

My mother was a true-blue Yankee, raised in Wisconsin, but very well traveled. In her later years, after living in the South for many decades, she gradually became a blatant racist. It was astonishing and disturbing to watch her transformation. Was it because she was exposed so often to the beliefs supported by this essay? Was she swayed by the opinions of her friends and neighbors? Or the local media?

The United States of America has been many individual states "united" as one country since the end of the Civil War. The federal government took "property" away from slaveholders by freeing the slaves and it is true that the federal post-war policies were very harsh on the Confederate States. Today, however, Alabama gets far more support from the federal government than many states. Yet 150 years later, the hatred of and resistance to the federal government is such a given in the state of Alabama, to believe anything else will surely get you labeled as a dirty liberal and/or communist (most people doing the name-calling don't know the true meaning of either word).

What is wrong with us?

Mike Kronenfeld

I was very touched at your beautiful statement. I grew up in N Carolina and live much of my married life in Birmingham and Columbia, Your statement reflects the South I was raised in as my parents were supporters of civil rights in the 1950's.

Tom Singarella

Methinks that the Civil War is still being fought on many nefarious levels. And as for that piece "On Being Black" your well tuned crap detector must have screamed.


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