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November 17, 2015



WWJD? ...and 27 governors, many of whom profess their deep Christian faith, conveniently ignore Luke 10:25-37 or Mathew 25:45 in addition to turning a blind eye to the reality of the many, many families who are just trying to stay together and alive. Hmm - 80 years ago in Germany, a different population was demonized and then slaughtered - most German citizens went along with it because they wanted security against the "evils" they were told this population would bring. The USA ignored it as well; not our problem.

God forbid we should become a socialist nation.

David King

First, I'm all for admitting refugees. And I enjoy epistemological discussions. But I'm curious about the "facts," as we should all be. And in this case, I wonder where those "facts" came from . Because the "facts" on the UN Refugees Agency website says: 65% men, 20% women, 14% children. ( http://data.unhcr.org/mediterranean/regional.php ) But the question for me is, does the distribution of refugees by age and gender really matter? And if so, what is a truly sympathetic/altruistic balance supposed to look like? Which is a question, not of epistemology, but morality.

T Scott

Counting the refugees is tricky -- the numbers I quoted are here: http://www.factcheck.org/2015/09/stretching-facts-on-syrian-refugees/ But you're quite right that the numbers don't answer the ethical question.

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