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January 24, 2016


Eleanor Cook

T.Scott, you are going to think this is totally crazy, but if you are having a pain in one hip for no reason you should assess your mattress. Is the pain worse while in bed and in the morning shortly after rising? It could indeed have nothing to do with your chronic other health issues. If your mattress is over 10 years old, consider a new one. God knows there are enough mattress stores around these days!

A friend of mine with multiple health issues was having this problem and upgraded her mattress and the problem simply disappeared! I am having it now and am seriously considering this since our mattress is old although I thought it was fine -- maybe not though!

T Scott

Eleanor -- thanks for the thought, but I'm not having pain for no reason. Sensible diagnosis, good treatment plan. Mattress problems are not my issue.

Melissa Narans

I love that Lynn reminds you that everything isn't about the chronic illness. I do this as well. When I get a little winey Ed uses black humor and reminds me their are many people who would love to have the excellent healthcare I receive and great medication. Brain fog and fatigue are the symptoms I find most frustrating. Not being able to express myself the way I would like. Think of you often and send my love.

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