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June 26, 2017


Pat Clark

Yay!! Good for you and so well deserved! To the person, everyone I know who has retired is deliriously happy. You will be no exception because you have so many interests. And your home sounds idyllic. So happy for you. Was great to catch up with you in the intersection (LOL) in Seattle - not nearly long enough tho!

Eleanor Cook

T.Scott, it sounds so right. You have made tremendous progress after your health challenges. It also reminds me that I am really not ready to retire yet but I know it's coming.

Jim Bothmer

Congratulations Scott. I am sure you won't let the grass grow under you. Good luck in your future endeavors and God Speed on your journey.
Jim Bothmer

Tom Singarella

I think you will enjoy retirement. But are you sure you want to pick up that extra night of kitchen cleanup?

T Scott

Tom -- actually, it's worse then that. I'm picking up one extra evening of cooking, which I'll enjoy, but I'm going to do cleanup every night. And Lynn can be a very messy cook. But it's only fair. These last few years she's had to take over almost all of the household chores which has interfered with her own retirement. So I need to take on some of the things that I can manage.

Pat Thibodeau

Congratulations Scott! Enjoy your continuing as well as new ventures. I am finding retirement to be wonderful, and applaud you for having some ideas about what you want to do but staying open to other opportunities or different pathways. Retirement should be about exploration and fun and not all about schedules and goals. All the best to you and Lynn.

Nancy Woelfl

Scott - sorry I missed you and Lynn in Seattle. I'm so glad to hear the exercise is paying off and starting to restore your mobility. That's the best thing I've heard In quite awhile. Re: retirement - with all your interests, you'll have the best of both worlds - continued connections with your professional colleagues but the freedom to come and go as you and Lynn please. I'm four years into it and loving every minute. My best to you both and look forward to seeing you both again. Fondly, Nancy

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