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It´s odd to take such a long time to get somewhere and only be a couple of time zones away.  We left our house about 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, and after layovers in Atlanta and Sao Paulo, finally arrived at our hotel here in Salvador around noon yesterday.  Now I´m down in the hotel business center where it´s ten in the morning -- only two hours later than back home.

Internet access from the room is a bit iffy.  We finally figured out that we needed a DSL modem, and a great young guy brought one up.  He speaks no English and I speak no Portugese, but we managed  to figure out what we needed and to get it to work.  Worked fine all afternoon, but then in  the evening we could no longer get an IP address.  So I don´t know if it´s a hotel problem or the modem is busted or what.  But we´ll figure it out, and in the meantime, there´s a 24 hour business center -- where the IE browser is in Portugese, and the keyboard is just different enough from what I´m used to to be a challenge.

We haven´t seen much of the city yet -- although we had a great long ride in from the airport as our driver went through tiny little back streets trying to figure out how to get around the traffic jams.  Today though, we´ll go down into the old city and explore.  The conference opens tonight...



A Portuguese keyboard -- that explains the apostrophes winging out to the side! Very exotic....

In college, my boyfriend took Russian, which involved homework assignments on a state-of-the-art (for 1977) computer system called Plato. However, there were no Russian keyboards, so he had a little diagram showing which keys were where. Some were obvious, but others took several minutes to figure out, especially for someone who didn't really know any Russian yet!


Helen and I will be going to Brazil for a wedding next August; one of her colleagues is going home for the wedding. Not sure where in Brazil--perhaps Salvador.

We had a great time in Argentina this spring, and now will need to learn some Portuguese by next summer. I agree that it is strange to exit a very long flight in almost the time zone you left.

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