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The End of the Hat Story

I sent the receipt for my new hat off a couple of weeks ago and had just about given up on hearing back from the restaurant.    The people there had been very apologetic on the night the hat was stolen, but I was starting to think that maybe it had slipped from their radar.

But there was a letter in the mail yesterday, with a check, from Kevin Good, the manager I'd spoken with that evening.  He apologized for being delayed in getting back to me and went on to say, "My attempts to contact the gentleman who took your hat were an adventure earning me a verbal lashing from his female friend!  What fun."  Oh, I wish I could've heard that conversation.  Lynn and I had a suspicion that the hat filching was done to impress a woman. 

Anyway, all's well..., as they say.   My new hat is a perfectly fine replacement for the missing one, it's now been paid for, and I got a great story out of the experience.  And I can unequivocally recommend Aria if you're ever in Atlanta -- superb food and service, wonderful decor, and an honest and honorable manager.  (Can't say the same for all of their clientele, of course; so if you go -- hang on to your hat.)


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