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Clare has been continuing to post updates on the MCMLA/Midwest conference blog, even though we've all been home from Omaha for a couple of weeks.  As I said earlier, she's done an exemplary job, and I'm enjoying having my memory of some of the excellent presentations refreshed by going back to review some of the slides or photos that she's posted or linked to.

I was particularly delighted to see the photo that Mark took of me with Bob Braude at the welcome reception at the McGoogan library.  Bob has been such an important mentor for me and even though that library has changed so much as to be pretty much incompatible with my memories of it, being back there for an evening, and strolling around the place with Mark, was a great experience.  The conference blog keeps it from fading into bleary memory too quickly.

Not surprisingly, several of the bibliobloggers that I follow are at Internet Librarian 2007 in Monterey, and there's a fair amount of liveblogging going on.  I confess that I'm sceptical of the value of it, although, having done a bit of live conference blogging myself, I'm somewhat in awe of the focus and attention that it requires.  I'm just not sure how useful it is.  Trying to get a feel for what a presentation was like from reading somebody's raw notes doesn't do much for me.  It strikes me as one of those things that gets done simply because it's possible to do, not that it really has much value.

Summaries and analysis of presentations are another matter entirely, of course, but they're a little harder to come by.  To do that well requires taking some halfway decent notes and then finding the time to reflect a bit on what's been presented so that you can craft a piece that presents the essence of it in some useful fashion.  Aside from the reportorial skill required, the typical conference-goer's schedule makes finding those times for reflection difficult, to say the least.

Friday, we leave for DC for the AAMC/AAHSL meeting.  We'll go straight to Charleston from there for the Charleston Conference, and then stay through the weekend for the SCMLA annual meeting which starts the following week.  As usual, I'm imagining getting at least a short post written daily.  But I suspect that, also as usual, I'll be hard pressed to get one or two done during the entire two week sojourn.

It surely won't be for lack of things to write about.  Aside from the conference content itself (including a couple of presentations that I'll be doing), there's the time spent with friends & colleagues, a variety of committee meetings and other association business,  a trip to the Shakespeare theater on Friday to see their new production of Taming of the Shrew, museums in DC, art galleries in Charleston, a bit of guitar playing somewhere along the line and, most certainly, at least a handful of fine meals.  Lots to write about, but will I find the time?



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