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Association of Subscription Agents Conference

I can highly recommend the ASA annual meeting, to be held February 22-23 at the Royal College of Nursing in London.  The agenda has just been posted on the ASA website.

I've attended a couple of ASA meetings in the past several years and have found it to be very engaging and worthwhile.  Although the primary audience is agents and intermediaries, there are a good number of publishers and a scattering of librarians who attend (and there is a special librarian registration rate). 

More librarians ought to go, because the issues affecting the agents are the same issues affecting the rest of us. 

At the AAHSL reception this fall, after we'd done the Chicago Collaborative update, I was asked how I had learned the things I have about publishing.  It's been an accumulation over the past decade, and attending this meeting has been a part of it.  As I've said many times, unless we (as librarians) gain a better understanding of the perspectives of publishers and agents, how do we expect to effectively negotiate with them or engage with them as we try to create a future that best serves the interests of the scholarly community at large?

Incidentally, if you do get to the conference, I can highly recommend, for lunch or dinner, 2 Veneti, a marvelous little Italian restaurant that is quite close to the conference venue.  Also, if you get a chance, you may want to stop into the nearby Toucan, which has the best selection of Irish whiskeys I have ever seen.


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