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Healing The Cut On My Finger

"Nonai!  What did you do to your finger?"

Josie's in the backseat.  I'm driving her home from her weekend with her dad.  She's just seen the bandaid on a finger of my right hand.

I glance back over my shoulder and tell her that when I was doing dishes last night, and I had my big kitchen knife in the water, I put my hand in and grabbed it the wrong way and it sliced a cut into my finger.

Josie's eyes get wide and she puts a horrified look on her face.  Then, "Why isn't it Spiderman?"

She means the bandaid. 

"I've used 'em all up," I tell her.  "You'll have to get me some more."

When she was three, I would call her the Boo-boo Queen, because there was a stretch of months where I think hardly a day went by when she wasn't dealing with some kind of a scrape or scratch or cut.  And while I'm not careless in the kitchen, I do a fair amount of chopping and I'll give myself a nick or a slice every once in awhile.  So it wasn't unusual for one or the other of us to be putting bandaids on the other.  For my birthday before this last one, she gave me a box of Spiderman bandaids.

I was sitting at the bar in a dive in Boston awhile back.  Woman comes up behind me to order another drink.  While she's waiting, she glances over, and then coos, "I like your bandaid."   I've had cases where a woman has gotten a bit flirtatious because of my hat, or because she sees me writing in my journal and is intrigued, but this was the first time my bandaid had caught someone's interest.

"Thank you.  It's from my granddaughter."

Anyway, earlier this week, Josie & her Mom came over so that we could all go to see The Wizard of Oz musical.  When I came down the stairs, Josie solemnly handed me a box of bandaids.  Cars.

She knows my tastes.



Made me smile. We are sporting the Scooby Doo line right now.


My bandaids of choice are Hello Kitty. The choice was influence by my niece, but now she's moved on to some other kind, and I'm still using Hello Kitty.

renaissance costume

Your grand daughter seems really sweet. The spiderman bandaid made me smile.. :)

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