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There's only scattered clouds as our plane soars over the Appalachians.    We can look down between the fluff to see the mountain contours.  Twenty-seven years ago I marveled at the same sight as I flew back to Wisconsin from my associates interview at NLM.  I can no longer count the number of times I've made this flight, but there's still magic to it.

I've got Tom Petty on the headphones, reminding me that there are so many songs the Bearded Pigs need to learn for next year!    The Nucleus did a fine job on Sunday night with American Girl, but I think it'd be better with the full band.    And I've been working up a solo version of Won't Back Down that'll sound great filled out....  

And we need to work up a Lady Gaga song or two, based on the twitter & blog chatter from late Sunday.  Tambourine Grrl is recommending Just Dance....   Maybe Beautiful, Dirty, Rich?  Requests, anyone?

And, of course, some Prince since we'll be in Minneapolis...  Let's Go Crazy seems like an obvious choice...  And I've always been partial to Little Red Corvette...

Too many songs...  not enough time...

We didn't come close to playing everything we wanted to on Sunday night.  How does three hours go by so fast?

But it was good.  I didn't feel like the band really caught fire until two or three songs into the second set.  First set was okay, but we weren't quite in the groove.  Not surprising, I suppose, since we hadn't all been on the same stage together in two years.  But it came together, as it always does, and the last 40 minutes was quite right where I wanted things to be.

And here comes my glass of wine...  Time to sit back, listen to the Heartbreakers...  I wonder what comes next?



Not that we're down with "practicing", but... Chicago was great in part because we had played together a LOT that year, in my humble opinion. Of course having that fabulous room overlooking the Chicago skyline didn't hurt either. I certainly have been less focused on many things this year, but that too it seems is changing. I have to get back to the music, it needs me.

Carolyn (CarCar) Reid

My request: City of Immigrants by Steve Earle. And I'll be working this up on my ukulele, if you wanted me to sit in -- yes, the ukulele! It's an immigrant instrument!

T Scott

CarCar -- I'll put it on the list, and having you sit in on ukulele would be... um... oh... what is they say now? AWESOME!

T Scott

Oh... and the question that we're always asking each other on stage... What Key??!?


I'm always partial to the Heartbreakers lots of good songs and good memories but I like anything y'all play because whatever it is we all have fun.

A'Llyn Ettien

Paparazzi? But really, anything in her catalog would be so awesome I'd have to just about swoon.

If I miss Minneapolis now...nope. Can't happen.


That was my first Pigs show - I'll be thinking of requests! :)

Clare Leibfarth

I vote for Lets Go Crazy! It's funner to sing along to!


You could also go for a Minneapolis twofer, covering Husker Du's cover of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song, "Love Is All Around."

Mister TomCat

♫ We're going to fake it after all ♫

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