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Apparently, It Starts Early


Lynn decided to take Marian out for some therapeutic Christmas shopping so she called me to see if I could pick Josie up from school.  It's the kind of call I love to get.  I rearranged a couple of things so that I could leave the library by 2:15.

Josie's school has a pretty slick arrangement for pickup.  The cars snake in a long line around the parking lot, each car with a paper plate hanging from the rearview mirror with the child's pickup number on it.  The kids are all gathered under the portico in front of the school.  As we turn the corner, an aide stands with a wireless microphone and reads the numbers.  This is relayed to the aide standing with the kids who shouts the numbers out and the kids run up to find their car.

Josie sees mine and bursts into a big silly grin.  She gets in and says, "I didn't know you were coming to pick me up, Nonai!" 

"Your Mom and Nonni went Christmas shopping so they asked me to get you.  Here," I hand her my phone.  "Do you want to give your Mom a call so she knows I've got you?"  They chat for a minute or two.

"So," I say.  "What did you think when you saw my car in the pickup line?"

"Awwesommme...." she drawls in her distinctly southern accent, grinning back at me.

My heart is lighter than it has been all day.



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