Touching the words

Apparently, It Starts Early

Josie got her first phone call from a friend yesterday.    Ashleigh called and left a message on Marian's cell.  Josie called her right back and they talked for ten minutes.  This is by far the longest phone conversation she's ever had.  If she spends 2 minutes on the nightly phone call with her dad or her mom (depending on whose house she's at), that constitutes a very long conversation.  She'll call me or Nonni on occasion when she's got big news to share, but she'll tell the news and then quickly get to her standard signoff, "Love you, bye!"

At Mikey's, we're sitting at the table finishing dinner and Ashleigh calls again.  Marian sees who it is and hands the phone over.  Josie says, "Hi Ashleigh!"  She says, "Oh, thank you."  She says, "Let me go to the bathroom so we can talk about this," and bounces out of her chair and heads down the hall without so much as a glance at her Mom or a word to the rest of us.  We look at each other with amused and shocked faces.  Me, the clueless guy at the table, says, "I thought they learned to do that in high school!  I didn't realize it started when they were five."

Josie's in the bathroom a long time.  Marian asks Tanya, the waitress, to poke her head in when she's back there.  Tanya comes back and reports that she can hear Josie chattering away in the stall.  Finally, Josie comes back, hands the phone to her Mom, and takes her seat.  She's wearing a very self-satisfied smile. 

"So what did you talk with Ashleigh about?" asks her Mom.  Josie raises her eyebrows slightly and makes the zipper motion across her lips.   Apparently, it's private.

Josiebug, I remember when I first held you, barely ninety minutes old, not even sure how to open your eyes.  You amazed me then.  You astonish me every day since.

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I hereby nominate you for world's best grandpa. Can I get a second?

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