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I've been home for just over six weeks.  That's a rarity for me, and I've enjoyed it tremendously.  The pattern for me, for several years, has been that after a couple of months when I've had a lot of traveling I'm aching to be off the road for awhile.  But give me six weeks or so at home, and I'm ready to get back on the planes.  My spring and summer schedule was crazy -- I really did end up taking on too much and although it all turned out to be good and interesting and worthwhile, it seemed endless and by the time I finally got home from Boston in mid-August I was seriously burned out.

Now I'm ready to go again, and the next two weeks should be fun.  Tomorrow it's off to Kansas City for the MCMLA annual meeting.  On Thursday I'll be on a panel with a couple of library school deans to talk about our changing expectations for librarians of the future.  Tomorrow night, of course, at the Welcome Reception, Lynn and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary.  (The actual date was last Wednesday, but since we were married at the MCMLA Welcome Reception 17 years ago, we always consider that event to be part of our anniversary celebration).  The fact that we're in Kansas City again makes it extra sweet.

Home on Friday and then Saturday morning I head to Frankfurt -- the annual STM publishers association meeting.  This is the 3rd time since 2006 that I've been invited to speak, and this time Kent Anderson and I are going to engage in a sort of tug-of-war and discussion about publishers and value.  And then, on Wednesday, the Frankfurt Book Fair.  STM always meets in Frankfurt the day before the Book Fair opens, but the previous two times I've gone, I've had obligations back in the states and haven't been able to stay.  And for a librarian to get that close to the storied Frankfurt Book Fair and not be able to go is extremely painful!  This time, even though my schedule is crowded, I made sure to make the time.  I'll just spend the day wandering the halls.

Home again on Thursday, take Friday to get over jetlag, and leave for Sturbridge, Massachusetts and the New England Library Association annual meeting on Saturday.  I'm delivering the keynote address on Sunday.  I'll be using some of the same themes from my Doe Lecture, but what I'm particularly excited about is that this will be an audience of primarily public librarians.  I'm eager to talk with them in their setting about how some of the ideas that I've developed from an academic librarian's perspective can be applied to the public library sphere.

Three very different meetings, three very different cities, three very different presentations.  That's how I like it.



Bev A

That's great news Scott - I look forward to seeing you again at the conference and at the Bookfair! Be sure to drop by the Springer booth for freeflowing beer at 5pm each day :-)

T Scott

I'm looking forward to it... See you there...

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